1001 ways to blink a LED

... and do other stuffs!

  Une bat-amélioration apportée à une bat-veilleuse pour de beaux bat-rêves.

Cheating at Pixel Miner on Pebble watch

Pixel Miner is a game for the Pebble smartwatch. It requires you to launch the app regularly so that the character continues to dig pixels. I tend to forget to re-launch the app and the mothership seems so far that… Continue Reading →

Adding user authentication to Mosquitto


Great tutorial to set user authentication and topic ACL for Mosquitto.

Controlling NodeMCU’s LED through MQTT

In this very simple example, I will setup a NodeMCU to connect to my MQTT broker and light its LED depending on received messages. This gives a very simple IOT device to test the MQTT protocol.

Add an SSL certificate to NGINX

Today I moved my web server from HTTP to HTTPS. I used StartSSL to get a free certificate.

Enabling and using WebSockets on Mosquitto

In this post, we’ll see how to enable and use the WebSocket protocol in Mosquitto to allow MQTT transmission from Javascript. A sample use of MQTT through a WebSocket is then performed.

Setting up Mosquitto on Raspbian Jessie

In this post I’ll explore how to install Mosquitto (MQTT Broker) and test it is working.

Il a cassé la wassingue [FR]

Une petite réparation express d’un jouet serpillière, et au prix des jouets maintenant …

Lame de rechange – Coupe bordure MacAllister [FR]

Un petit modèle de lame de rechange pour un coupe bordure Mac Allister (Castorama).

After being hacked, I’m finally back online.

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