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  1. Dear Matthieu ,

    So pebble is over. I liked your textual watchface very much, it’s my favorite for everyday use. Maybe you can send me the source code or share it for public domain? I would like to add couple of useful features to it such as next alarm time and last sync time for my personal use.

  2. Hello,

    Some time ago, we partnered with your site on EEWeb.com as our featured site of the day posted on Oct 04th 2015. We still have your link posted at https://www.eeweb.com/websites/1001-ways-to-blink-a-led, it’s a lifetime partnership, I guess. So, we contacted you again this time because we have acquired a new website http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws and we wanted to exchange link with your site http://blog.ithasu.org/ with Electronics Tutorials.

    Since we have already linked to you on EEWeb.com, we would like to offer your site a linkback from another website that we also recently acquired – http://www.online-geeks.com. We are planning to make Online-Geeks website big like EEWeb.com – a one-stop resource for Engineers and Geeks.

    Please let me know what you think about this and if you agree, let’s get it on.


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