1001 ways to blink a LED

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3D printing

  Une bat-amélioration apportée à une bat-veilleuse pour de beaux bat-rêves.

Il a cassé la wassingue [FR]

Une petite réparation express d’un jouet serpillière, et au prix des jouets maintenant …

Lame de rechange – Coupe bordure MacAllister [FR]

Un petit modèle de lame de rechange pour un coupe bordure Mac Allister (Castorama).

Fusion 360 rocks !

Recently I’ve been playing with Autodesk Fusion 360. They provide free licences for personal use, which is very nice from them. The software is really, really, really great. Here are the features I like the most : clean UI, possibility to… Continue Reading →

Little star for a (more) beautiful LEGO Christmas Tree

I printed this little star for the tree my daughter got in her advent calendar. I didn’t expected to be be capable to print such a small part. But since I oiled my printer, printing has been really enhanced.

OctoPrint control panel in Python curses

I recently got an old computer screen out of my garage. It is now just perfect to monitor the extruder temperature and print progress from OctoPrint.

Emergency Lock Button

My last project uses a Digispark (ATtiny85) as an USB keyboard to send the lock screen shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-L) when a single button is pressed. To bring some fun, I bundled the whole in an emergency stop push button.

The missing (Duplo) brick

Yesterday I was building and awesome princess plane in Duplo. However I was missing one 2×1 brick to finish the perfect model. Awesome, I 3D printed it.

Building a Raspberry Rack from trash

Last week I built my very own Raspberry Pi rack using old stuffs and 3D printing.

Everything is better with a LED

This one of my last prints, a Kryptonian Key [Ecogeeco] inspired from Man of Steel movie. I decided to print it in transparent PLA to allow insertion of a LED.

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