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Adding user authentication to Mosquitto


Great tutorial to set user authentication and topic ACL for Mosquitto.

Controlling NodeMCU’s LED through MQTT

In this very simple example, I will setup a NodeMCU to connect to my MQTT broker and light its LED depending on received messages. This gives a very simple IOT device to test the MQTT protocol.

Enabling and using WebSockets on Mosquitto

In this post, we’ll see how to enable and use the WebSocket protocol in Mosquitto to allow MQTT transmission from Javascript. A sample use of MQTT through a WebSocket is then performed.

Setting up Mosquitto on Raspbian Jessie

In this post I’ll explore how to install Mosquitto (MQTT Broker) and test it is working.

Using Llamalab’s Automate as a Pebble Time companion app

In this post, I’ll explore how I did managed to make Llamalab’s Automate (Android) communicate with a Pebble watch application. First, I will discuss some basic knowledge and expose my problem. Then I’ll talk more in depth about Pebble communication… Continue Reading →

Compiling C code for Javascript

I was wondering how compilation from C to JavaScript was working using Emscripten. Here are the things I learned from my first experiment.

Develop for BlackBerry OS 7.1 on Linux

I had some hard time installing the BlackBerry Java SDK for (old) OS 7.1 (for Windows or Mac only) on Linux. Here are the main information necessary to setup a working environment in Eclipse (Kepler).

[uBroadcast] Says “Hello world!” in C

This is it, my first article with a working uBroadcast library in C. Today I discuss a simple example with two programs: the first one is a UDP broadcast sniffer, the second one sends “Hello world!” messages on the network…. Continue Reading →

[uBroadcast] Introduction

In a coming series of articles, I’ll be presenting a project I’m working on to allow communication between BugOne boards and applications from same or different computers. This project focuses on the development of the uBroadcast library (read micro broadcast)…. Continue Reading →

Lego Mindstorms chameleon

For my first article I’ll be doing a chameleon Lego Mindstorms LED blink. I will use the color sensor for both the RGB sensor and RGB LED. My goal is to reproduce the color sensed on the RGB LED. The… Continue Reading →

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