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Il a cassé la wassingue [FR]

Une petite réparation express d’un jouet serpillière, et au prix des jouets maintenant …

Lame de rechange – Coupe bordure MacAllister [FR]

Un petit modèle de lame de rechange pour un coupe bordure Mac Allister (Castorama).

After being hacked, I’m finally back online.

Fusion 360 rocks !

Recently I’ve been playing with Autodesk Fusion 360. They provide free licences for personal use, which is very nice from them. The software is really, really, really great. Here are the features I like the most : clean UI, possibility to… Continue Reading →

Emergency Vehicles And Strobe LED Lights

One of the most popular applications of strobe LED light is closely related to the field of emergencies. Namely, LED light heads are typically used with marked or unmarked police cars, as well as fire trucks, ambulances, roadside assistance vehicles,… Continue Reading →

Path to “Magic button” S01E01

This is the code to blink a LED on a GPIO on an ESP8266-1 loaded with NodeMCU. What is of particular interest is the GPIO0 and GPIO2 values. GPIO0=3 GPIO2=4 pin = GPIO0 gpio.mode(pin, gpio.OUTPUT) lighton=0 tmr.alarm(0,1000,1,function()     if lighton==0… Continue Reading →

Using Llamalab’s Automate as a Pebble Time companion app

In this post, I’ll explore how I did managed to make Llamalab’s Automate (Android) communicate with a Pebble watch application. First, I will discuss some basic knowledge and expose my problem. Then I’ll talk more in depth about Pebble communication… Continue Reading →

Compiling C code for Javascript

I was wondering how compilation from C to JavaScript was working using Emscripten. Here are the things I learned from my first experiment.

Little star for a (more) beautiful LEGO Christmas Tree

I printed this little star for the tree my daughter got in her advent calendar. I didn’t expected to be be capable to print such a small part. But since I oiled my printer, printing has been really enhanced.

Flashing NodeMCU using Ubuntu

When I received my two NodeMCU boards, I rapidly tried to update the firmware … and broke the firmware of one of the board. So here is the correct way to flash a firmware on a NodeMCU board which allowed… Continue Reading →

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