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Using Platform.io to blink a NodeMCU’s LED.

Recently, I discovered Platform.io which is a set of tools integrated in Atom editor. It allows the VERY easy management of tool chains for multiple boards. Here is my first program.

Compiling C code for Javascript

I was wondering how compilation from C to JavaScript was working using Emscripten. Here are the things I learned from my first experiment.

Emergency Lock Button

My last project uses a Digispark (ATtiny85) as an USB keyboard to send the lock screen shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-L) when a single button is pressed. To bring some fun, I bundled the whole in an emergency stop push button.

Connecting BugOne and Raspberry Pi

I challenged a friend to connect a micro-controller to a Raspberry Pi. I chose to use an ATMega168 programmed in C while he preferred to use a Microchip PIC programmed in ASM. Not that I don’t like ASM, but it… Continue Reading →

Nokia 5110 LCD screen driven by a BugOne

There are various LCD types : alphanumeric, graphical, colors, black and white… In this post I will use a cheap Nokia 5110 found once again on dx.com (or on eBay) for about 4-5€. This LCD screen has a resolution of… Continue Reading →

BugOne driving a LED matrix

It’s been a while since my last blink on this blog. Today I’m gonna blink 64 LEDs … I mean an 8×8 LED matrix. This article is about driving a LED matrix from a MAX 7219 with a BugOne board… Continue Reading →

[uBroadcast] Says “Hello world!” in C

This is it, my first article with a working uBroadcast library in C. Today I discuss a simple example with two programs: the first one is a UDP broadcast sniffer, the second one sends “Hello world!” messages on the network…. Continue Reading →

RFM12 text inverter

Today, I’m improving my previous article on RFM12 communication implementing a bidirectional communication between two BugOne boards. To ensure a bidirectional communication is really happening, I’ll be using the code from BugOne’s github project: app_noapp_skel. This project basically takes any… Continue Reading →

RFM12 wireless transmission

Holidays are a good time to make some LED blinking. This time I’m going to do a wireless transmission using RFM12 modules from two BugOne boards.

Blinking a BugOne

The BugOne is a small board with an ATMega168 and a RFM12 wireless module, and today I’m going to blink its two LEDs.

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