1001 ways to blink a LED

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Using Platform.io to blink a NodeMCU’s LED.

Recently, I discovered Platform.io which is a set of tools integrated in Atom editor. It allows the VERY easy management of tool chains for multiple boards. Here is my first program.

Controlling NodeMCU’s LED through MQTT

In this very simple example, I will setup a NodeMCU to connect to my MQTT broker and light its LED depending on received messages. This gives a very simple IOT device to test the MQTT protocol.

Path to “Magic button” S01E01

This is the code to blink a LED on a GPIO on an ESP8266-1 loaded with NodeMCU. What is of particular interest is the GPIO0 and GPIO2 values. GPIO0=3 GPIO2=4 pin = GPIO0 gpio.mode(pin, gpio.OUTPUT) lighton=0 tmr.alarm(0,1000,1,function()     if lighton==0… Continue Reading →

Flashing NodeMCU using Ubuntu

When I received my two NodeMCU boards, I rapidly tried to update the firmware … and broke the firmware of one of the board. So here is the correct way to flash a firmware on a NodeMCU board which allowed… Continue Reading →

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