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Using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a Wifi access point and bridge

In this article I’ll present how I used a Raspberry Pi 3 to create a Wifi access point. The specificity of my setup, is that the Raspberry won’t be a router but a bridge. DHCP is thus delegated to the… Continue Reading →

OctoPrint control panel in Python curses

I recently got an old computer screen out of my garage. It is now just perfect to monitor the extruder temperature and print progress from OctoPrint.

Connecting BugOne and Raspberry Pi

I challenged a friend to connect a micro-controller to a Raspberry Pi. I chose to use an ATMega168 programmed in C while he preferred to use a Microchip PIC programmed in ASM. Not that I don’t like ASM, but it… Continue Reading →

Building a Raspberry Rack from trash

Last week I built my very own Raspberry Pi rack using old stuffs and 3D printing.

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