Fetching my Garmin wellness data

I had Garmin watches for years now. The last one is recording my “wellness data” (steps, heart rate) and publishing it to Garmin’s servers. While the Garmin Connect website is great I want to get a backup of these data on my own computer.

Garmin has a Health API, but requesting access requires a painful process. So, I decided to write my own script to fetch the data.

In this article I detail the process used and how I came to choose BASH and curl as the best technology.

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Raspberry Pi Zero W as both wifi client and access point

Sometimes, it can be great to have a separate access point for some devices, like for example Internet of Things devices. The Pi Zero W can just do that. But what if you need it to connect to the internet at the same time? In this article, I present how to configure the Raspberry Pi Zero W as both a wifi client and an access point. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi Zero W as both wifi client and access point”