Building a Raspberry Rack from trash

Last week I built my very own Raspberry Pi rack using old stuffs and 3D printing.

By now, I’m using two Raspberry Pi at home:

An old furniture did the trick to house both of them and all necessary material to start my Raspberry Pi cluster.


I used 3D printed fixture of my own conception to hold the boards on the shelf. By now, the Pi are attached with screw but I’m planning to put hex spacers to stack more of them.


Finally, I inserted an old ATX power supply and a 8 port switch allowing me to go up to 7 Pi in my cluster (which should be enough). The size of the furniture will allow me to put some extra devices like BugOne boards for example.


One final word on ATX power supply, which consumes 24 watts for the two Pi and the switch which seems to me a bit high. However, this will allow me to get power for all of my future projects in different voltages 12V, 5V or 3.3V.

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