Develop for BlackBerry OS 7.1 on Linux

I had some hard time installing the BlackBerry Java SDK for (old) OS 7.1 (for Windows or Mac only) on Linux. Here are the main information necessary to setup a working environment in Eclipse (Kepler).

In “Help > Install new software …”, use this update site URL:

Select following packages:

  • BlackBerry Java Plugin
  • BlackBerry Java SDK (

I was unable to use BlackBerry’s integrated tools. However, I managed to produce an usable “.cod” file using BlackBerry Ant Tools.

As of writing this article, I haven’t been able use API requiring signing of applications. However it seem’s that there is already quite some potential with non signed features.

Here is a simple Hello World sample. The compiled app (HelloBB) is available for download here: but is of no interest 😉