Cheating at Pixel Miner on Pebble watch

Pixel Miner is a game for the Pebble smartwatch. It requires you to launch the app regularly so that the character continues to dig pixels. I tend to forget to re-launch the app and the mothership seems so far that I decided to create an Automate flow that will automatically launch the app once every hour.

This article is based on my previous article allowing to send messages to a Pebble application from Automate.

The trick is to send an “” intent to the Pebble application with the Pixel Miner UUID as argument. In order to preserve my battery, I also send a “” after a fixed delay.

Finding the application UUID was the most tricky part. I had to dig through the requests made from the Pebble site to find it.

The flow is available here: Pixel miner cheat.flo

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