Changement automatique de fichier Hosts sous Windows 10

J’utilise des tunnels SSH pour accéder à des services chez moi. Je sur-défini ensuite le fichier hosts de Windows pour que les adresses de ces services pointent vers localhost.

Le problème, c’est que c’est embêtant d’aller commenter les lignes à la main dans le fichier hosts.

Du coup, j’ai automatisé tout ça pour que ça se fasse tout seul. Voici comment.

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Fetching Garmin data, done !

In my previous article, I managed to fetch Garmin Connect wellness data as JSON but I needed to fetch the authentication SESSIONID using a browser. It appears that login into the application was not so complicated. I managed to understand how to perform the authentication on Garmin Connect using BASH and curl. So now, my script is fully autonomous.

EDIT: The project now has its own repository on Github.

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Fetching my Garmin wellness data

I had Garmin watches for years now. The last one is recording my “wellness data” (steps, heart rate) and publishing it to Garmin’s servers. While the Garmin Connect website is great I want to get a backup of these data on my own computer.

Garmin has a Health API, but requesting access requires a painful process. So, I decided to write my own script to fetch the data.

In this article I detail the process used and how I came to choose BASH and curl as the best technology.

EDIT : Sources are now hosted in a github repository.

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Using Llamalab’s Automate as a Pebble Time companion app

In this post, I’ll explore how I did managed to make Llamalab’s Automate (Android) communicate with a Pebble watch application.

First, I will discuss some basic knowledge and expose my problem. Then I’ll talk more in depth about Pebble communication and finally expose the Automate part. So, go straight to the end for the technical part.

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