Pebble Textual Watchface


A simple watch face that will allow you to get all your Pebble health information at a glance.


Get it from the Pebble Appstore.

What you get


You get a simple and useful watch face with :

  • Date, battery level.
  • Sleep duration for last night, and associated deep sleep time.
  • Steps count and the total activity time for the current day.
  • Heartbeat field ready for Pebble Time 2.
  • Time, seriously, its even written with a big font so you can read it easily.
  • Background will change from blue (connected) to red (disconnected).
  • Time background will change depending on your battery level:
    • orange (<= 30%),
    • red (<= 10%),
    • yellow (loading),
    • green (fully loaded).

Limitations, some may be temporary :

  • Only for Pebble Time / Pebble Time Steel.
  • No configuration, keep things simple.
  • No heart rate information yet (will change on Pebble Time 2 release).

Donate / Contact

I don’t require you to pay for this watch face, however, fill free to donate, this will motivate me to extend the possibilities and develop new applications.
You can also provide some feedback in the comments, I won’t respond to all comments, but I will read all of them.